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our sourdough loaves from yesterday morning.

A thousand thank yous to Nick who was the main attraction last night!  To those who met him know why we are thank him!

Another Photo Set 

Fields in the Alley #4 continued

Fields in the Alley # 4 in the 3100 block Alley between Grove and Floyd

First, we want to apologize to everyone who went to the 3200 block.  We had a typo on the flyer.  It ended up being a great night though in the perfect location and in a great area of town.  We ended up running out of food which was a first (a true surprise how many people showed up)!

These are the photos of last night’s Fields in the Alley in the Fan provided by Sarah.  A great turn out with us serving somewhere around 40 people.  

The menu consisted of a vegan option bruschetta using our sourdough bread as the toast, mashed white beans seasoned with thinly sliced whole lemon, fennel seed, black pepper and coriander.  We topped this with local pea shoots (amazing greens!), roasted garlic and shallots, and radishes.  

Our “poe-boy” for the non vegans consisted of pain de mie (baked literally 30 minutes before we packed up and headed to the alley by us) - red onion preserves that we made earlier that week; diced local tomatoes -  shredded iceberg lettuce - remoulade sauce we made ourselves and fried (to order using our own fresh bread crumbs) catfish!

Dessert was a vegan black walnut cake using a recipe that has been around longer than we have been alive!

Thank you to everyone who showed up!  We were able to meet some of those who lived in house that backed up to the alley (we sent them off with a freshly baked loaf of sourdough and two “poe-boys”) who had never had shrimp and grits before their 65 birthday.  Too bad they didn’t see us last weekend!  

Lots of you stuck around and socialized which was great.  We love meeting new people and hope to have you back for another Fields in the Alley.  Help suggest new alleys for us to visit in our beautiful city of RVA.  Stay tuned to this site for the next!

A few more photos from Jackson Ward!

Thanks for hanging out and enjoying good food!

These are a few photos we were able to nab from our good friend Katie who was good enough to not only take these photos but bring a couple of first timers as well!

We camped out in Jackson Ward on the 30th of June on Henry between Clay and Marshall.  Had an amazing time getting to know the occupants of the houses around where we set up!  Everyone was really friendly and accommodating to our needs.

Our menu consisted of a Vegan Panzanella Salad using our sourdough bread, local tomatoes, and onions and garlic from our good friends from the West End.  Finished with a little fresh thyme, olive oil and red wine vinegar.  For the Non Vegans we had a bowl of shrimp and grits!  For those who wanted a little heat we topped the bowl with some thai bird chilies we pickled earlier that week.  

We sent everyone off with a dessert of some of the last strawberries of the season tossed with brown sugar, mint, lemon balm, crushed almonds that we dumped over top of a vegan sourdough pancake we made from our starter!

Check out the pictures and thank you to those who came out for a second and even a third time!